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Sequoyah National
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Company Background


Brio Golf is a company with deep roots in the golf course design and construction industry. Ty Butler has spent 30+ years designing, renovating and constructing nationally ranked and renowned golf courses around the world. Established by Ty in 2015, Brio Golf focuses on "design for the human spirit", with the goal of creating golf experience's that engage golfers of all levels. Innovative and imaginative strategic design to challenge and inspire golfers to play their best is the foundation of Brio Golf. Thru years of experience Ty has established a collaborative approach to designing courses embodying these principles. The results are courses which are engaging, fun to play and invigorate the human spirit.

Design Character


Ty strives to give each of his designs their own unique character. This character is derived from site specific elements, as well as from the setting of the surrounding region. This approach insures the course will be integrated seamlessly within the site, as well as with the greater landscape and cultural context. Well planned and sound strategic design is a cornerstone of the Brio Golf philosophy. Strategy is an integral part of any golf course design, and helps fashion this individuality throughout the course. Great pride is taken to crafting a unique approach for playing each hole. This individual character, in conjunction with the principles of site specific design, creates golf holes that are challenging, memorable and enjoyable to play. The result is a superior golf experience.



Across his entire career Ty has worked with an array of clients on a variety of different project types. From large development companies to single individuals, on new course designs to restoration, renovation and remodeling, he has been instrutmental to numerous projects. Ty approaches each project as a personal collaboration between client and architect. Working closely with the client is essential to understand their goals, and Ty makes a commitment to work closely with each client to achieve the goals and vision for their golf course. This collaborative approach is an integral part of the entire process, and working closely in the field with the golf course builder is key to completing a successful project. Listening to the input and ideas from the entire team will ensure all facets of designing and constructing the course have been considered and thoroughly addressed.



Ty can best be described as a Naturalist with regard to his design philosophy. The foundation is a commitment to preserving the natural systems and inherent characteristics unique to each site and incorporating these features into the design. Every property has redeeming qualities, some more than others, and when a property requires enhancing, Ty has the unique ability to integrate features into the design in a way that looks and feels as if it were created by nature. Whether it is natural or created wetlands, streams, vegetation or unique landforms, all elements combine to create a course that blends seamlessly with its surroundings. This strong belief in a site specific approach, coupled with sound design principles results in courses with superior playing characteristics that act in harmony with their environment. The results are a course that looks and feels natural.

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