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New Course Design

Site Analysis


A thorough analysis and inventory of the inherent natural qualities of the site is essential. This is accomplished by conducting an extensive walk through the site to investigate every area of the property. Items identified:

  • Existing topographical conditions

  • Existing vegetation

  • Existing wetlands & water bodies

  • Soil conditions

  • Geology

  • Potential irrigation sources

  • Existing utilities

Conceptual Route Plan Design & Master Planning

Concept Pic.jpg

After thoroughly anaylizing the site, and taking into account all natural features to be saved and integrated into the design the folowing design documents are developed:

  • Potential clubhouse locations are identified

  • Preliminary conceptual route plans based on all possible clubhouse locations

  • If required, adjacent residential components and infrastructure incorporated into an overall Master Plan concept

  • Preliminary route plan/master plan concepts are reviewed with Owner and project team consultants and necessary refinements implemented

  • Develop Recommended Final Route Plan

  • Develop preliminary construction cost estimates

Design Development & Construction Working Drawings

WD Ex 2.jpg

Field Design

Sewailo Golf Club Hole 18xx.jpg

During this design phase the final route plan and all features of the course design are refined and begin to take shape in detail. The following documents are provided:

  • Route/Feature Plan

  • Staking & Clearing Plan

  • Earthwork Grading Plan

  • Earthwork Cut & Fill Plan

  • Conceptual Drainage Plan

  • Conceptual Cart Path Plan

  • Conceptual Grass Planting Plan

  • Conceptual Landscape Plan

  • Construction Details

  • Construction Specifications

  • Construction Bid Forms

Great golf courses are not designed on paper. Only through diligent, hands-on crafting of the golf course during construction can the design be fine tuned and subtle nuiansces can be incorporated, thus bringing the golf course to life. Through numerous visits to the course during construction, countless hours are spent designing in the field to insure the golf course is the best it can be with regards to playability, aesthetics and technical standpoints. During this phase the following is performed:

  • In preparation to start construction, assist Owner with Contractor interviews and bid document reviews

  • Provide highly skilled site supervisors and shapers to assist contractor in building the course

  • Provide field design sketches of green complexes

  • Provide additional field design sketches of golf hole features

  • Provide detailed field notes for Owner and Contractor

  • Review Contractors progress payments

  • Review all areas of the golf course during each stage of construction in advance of grassing operations

Post Construction

Sewailo Hole 18.jpg

After the course is complete Brio Golf is dedicated to the successful opening of the golf course, as well as committing to preserving the integrity and quality of the course far into the future. The following is provided during this phase:

  • Participate in ground breaking and opening ceremonies for the golf course

  • Work with Owner in publicity and promotion of the golf course throughout all design & construction phases of the project

  • Provide illustrative color rendering of the golf course suitable for framing

  • Provide on-going design and course setup consultation

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